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5 Signs You Should Choose a Side Tipper Over an End Tipper

If you need a tipper truck, your two main options are side tippers or end tippers. There are pros and cons of both of these tipper trucks, and the right choice depends on your situation. Here are five signs you should choose a side tipper.

1. You Want to Be Able to Dump Your Loads Faster

Side tippers dump their loads out the long side of the trailer rather than the short side. As a result, they drop their loads faster than end tippers. That can save a bit of time during each load, but on a big project, those small time savings can add up. If you want to complete your project faster, you may want to choose a side tipper.

2. You're Okay With Smaller Loads

Because side tippers release their loads over the side of the trailer, those edges tend to be shorter. As a result, you can usually fit less into a side tipper than an end tipper of the same size. However, if that works for your project, the other advantages offered by a side tipper may outweigh this potential downside.  

3. You Want to Be Able to Make Small Piles of Materials

With a end tipper, you can typically just make one pile of materials. The only exception is if you get an end tipper with a conveyor belt. With that, you don't have to tilt the trailer to release the load; you just have to start and stop the conveyor.

With a side tipper, in contrast, you can make multiple piles of materials, and they can be lined up perfectly throughout your site. You also don't have to worry about maintaining a conveyor belt.

4. You Want to Be Able to Easily Drop Loads Over a Barrier

If you are doing road construction or any project that involves plastic or concrete barriers, a side tipper makes it easy to dump the load over these barricades. You just drive the truck up to the side of the barricades and release your load. That isn't as easy with an end tipper, as the edge of the trailer often hits the ground.

5. You Want a Lowered Risk of Tipping

Unfortunately, end tippers can be subject to tipping over if the load in the back is too heavy compared to the weight of the front of the truck. With a side tipper, you don't have this risk. These machines have a lower centre of gravity, which makes them more stable.

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