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5 Strategies for Lowering Fuel Costs When You Rent a Car

If you rent a vehicle, you have to pay for petrol. Want to lower your petrol costs as much as possible? Try these solutions:

1. Book a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

When arranging your hire car, make sure to look for a car for rent that boasts high fuel efficiency standards. Book the smallest vehicle you can for your party, and see if the company offers any hybrids. Stay away from electric cars unless you're going somewhere that you know has easy access to charging stations; instead, opt for a vehicle that works with both a battery and petrol.

2. Avoid Congested Areas

Stop-and-go traffic tends to waste more fuel than uninterrupted driving. Consider using an app or a GPS system that has integrated traffic alerts—ask the hire company if it offers vehicles with that perk.

That way, you can avoid losing extra fuel by stopping and going constantly, and you also avoid fuel-wasting idling. You're on holiday—there's no reason to contend with rush hour traffic if you can avoid it.

3. Check Your Tyre Pressure

If your tyre pressure is too low, you will also waste fuel unnecessarily. Ask the hire company rep to check the tyre pressure before you leave with the vehicle, and if it's low, request a new vehicle or get the rep to pump up your tyres.

You may also want to check the pressure periodically whilst you have the vehicle and add air as needed.

4. Consider Using an App to Find Cheap Fuel

In addition to thinking about fuel economy, you may want to think about fuel prices. At home, you probably know which station offers the lowest prices for fuel, but when you're in another city, it's hard to know where to go. Luckily, there's an app for that. There are apps that let you know the cheapest fuel prices in the area. You put in the postcode or use your current coordinates, and the app lets you know what prices are available nearby.

5. Fill Up Before Returning

In that same vein, you should always fill up your hire car before returning it. Most car rental companies charge a surcharge to fill up the tank for you. Check with the rental company to see what the charges are in your situation. Also, remember to make a note of the current fuel levels when you take the vehicle. It's important to ensure you and the hire company are on the same page.

To get more tips on renting a car in your next holiday destination, look for a car for rent in your area.