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Follow These Three Guidelines When Sandblasting a Car to Remove Paint

Sandblasting is one of the most effective techniques used to remove paint from almost all types of surfaces. The beauty of using sandblasting, as opposed to other paint stripping mechanisms, is that the blaster removes paint, rust, primer and everything else, leaving the car clean and ready for new autobody work. However, to enjoy the beauty of this cleaning process, you need to understand how the sandblasting tool works and make sure that its settings are correct and the process is correctly carried out. Here are three guidelines for excellent car paint removal through sandblasting.

Assessing the Vehicle

The first thing that you should do is inspect the vehicle which has paint you want to strip using sandblasting.  Different parts of the car will react differently to the type of sand used in blasting. For instance, if you need to repaint an underbody part, the best sand type is beach sand, which has been bleached. For the sides of the vehicle and components such as the doors and the windows, the best method to use is 36-grit sand silica. A competent auto mechanic or other blasting experts will tell you the best material to use in the blasting process.

Removing the Part From the Car

Sandblasting is a tough process. The tools create extreme friction, which strips everything off the surface of the car. Taping over the parts which you do not want to blast will not protect them from damage. It is advisable to remove the part you need to blast. Ignoring this process will lead to the destruction of chrome door handles, fenders, lights and other accessories that are not typically refinished when a vehicle is repainted or refinished.

Choosing the SandBlasting Machine

Successful sandblasting requires the right sandblasting machine, compressor and sandblasting media. It also requires a competent person to handle the process. They will know the right settings that will remove the paint without ruining the vehicle or affecting other car parts. 

These are the crucial steps to follow when setting up your vehicle for paint removal through sandblasting. It is advisable to take your vehicle to a trained and qualified autobody shop. They will assess your vehicle and determine the best conditions to remove the existing paint without harming the car. Take time and choose trusted and reliable auto dealers for the best outcome after the process.  

To learn more about sandblasting, consult a resource in your area.