How Do You Know If Your Car's Clutch Cable Is Failing?

While many modern-day vehicles seem more like a computer than anything mechanical, older cars still rely on more rudimentary techniques. This is the case if you have a vehicle of a certain age equipped with a manual gearbox, as it will rely on a cable to operate the clutch mechanism, which may need some attention from time to time. How does this work, and how can it play up? How The Clutch Cable Works [Read More]

3 Things to Look For in Ute Bed Lids

If you want to add a lid to your ute bed, then you should investigate suitable products and find one with the best features for your needs. While any lid that fits does some kind of a job, you'll get a lot more out of the lid if it does everything you need. Which features are good to have? 1. A Seamless Fit While a generic bed lid might fit your ute, it might not be exactly the right size to give you a seamless fit. [Read More]

Trucking Tips: Maintenance Tips to Ensure Optimal Fleet Performance

In the trucking industry, proper fleet maintenance is the key to profitability. Failure to care for your trucks leads to constant breakdowns, which lead to downtime. Downtime means transportation delays, a situation that can hurt your relationship with clients and business partners. However, with an effective fleet maintenance plan, you can keep your trucks in tiptop condition, save money on repairs and maintain good relations with your clients. With this in mind, here are three essential maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance of your fleet. [Read More]

Follow These Three Guidelines When Sandblasting a Car to Remove Paint

Sandblasting is one of the most effective techniques used to remove paint from almost all types of surfaces. The beauty of using sandblasting, as opposed to other paint stripping mechanisms, is that the blaster removes paint, rust, primer and everything else, leaving the car clean and ready for new autobody work. However, to enjoy the beauty of this cleaning process, you need to understand how the sandblasting tool works and make sure that its settings are correct and the process is correctly carried out. [Read More]