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Preparation Guide for Taking a Truck Driver's Exam

Other than a decent salary, truck driving is fun because you get a chance to travel through different cities and towns. However, before can you become one, you must pass your exams. Passing a truck driver's exam can be a bit tricky without proper preparation. Notably, one of the many reasons why people fail the exam is the lack of awareness of prerequisite requirements. This article addresses the gap by providing insight on the preparation stage of a truck driver's exam.

Get your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) -- You might be an expert at driving small vehicles, but heavy commercial vehicles offer a different challenge altogether. Having a driver's license to operate a small car or a bus does not guarantee you the opportunity to drive a truck that weighs several tons. Notably, going for a truck driver's exam would be a waste of time because a regular driver's license will not cut it. However, the license is not a requirement when enrolling in a truck driving school. That is, you can take your training, but you cannot sit for the exam without a permit. As such, make sure that you apply for the CLP immediately you finish your training to avoid any last minute rushes as you prepare for the truck driver's exam.

Prepared your Health Documents -- The nature of truck driving requires that drivers be of excellent health. Fitness requirements could be attributed to the fact that their bodies often take a beating through the constant change in environment and climatic conditions. As you approach your exam date, note that physical examination is a requirement before you can get your truck driver's license. Since medical records contain a myriad of information, start gathering them and putting them in order. This way, you will be able to produce the files as and when needed thereby preventing any possible delays in the facilitation of your trucker license.

Know the Route -- It is more than likely that you will know the path of the practical driving test. Unlike smaller cars, driving a truck requires that you make calculations with every turn of the steering wheel. Having an idea of how tight a bend is, or how many cones the instructor will use along the route will give you confidence on the day of the exam. Feel free to ask your instructor the possible ways for your exam so that you do not have to guess. Usually, an instructor will divulge this information.  

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