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How to tow a car safely

If you have ever been so unfortunate to have a breakdown in the past, you will know the expense that is involved just to get a tow truck out to pick you up and take you either home or to a workshop. If you have access to another vehicle and a member of family or even a friend that has a driving licence, then you could save yourself a tidy bundle, as towing your vehicle does not have to be difficult as long as you follow some simple steps.

  1. Have a strong towing rope or, better still, a straight bar. Both items are rather inexpensive and available from most auto parts stores and should be something you have just in case   

  2. If you choose to purchase a straight bar it is likely to come with an "ON TOW" sign. However, if you do not have a sign, or you are using rope, it's not a problem as you can fashion up a sign using a marker and cardboard or paper. Whatever kind of sign you use, it must be visible for the cars behind so they know that the vehicle they see is being towed.

  3. Once you are ready to attach your vehicle, make sure that the towing eyes are accessible. If your vehicle requires you to screw the towing eye into place, then you will need to locate your towing eye and locate the place where you screw it into. Ensure this is screwed in tight, as you do not want it to pull out when under load. Attach your vehicles together using the towing aid of your choice and ensure it is secure.

  4. Now that you have made the vehicle secure, turn on the ignition in the vehicle you are towing so that your brake lights and turn signals work. This is important so that any motorist behind you will know if you're slowing or turning.

  5. When you set off, you must slowly pull away, allowing for any slack to be taken up. Any sudden jerking of the vehicles could cause damage to either one or, worse, pull something out of alignment.

  6. The person who is in charge of the towed vehicle must ensure that they keep the towing aid as taut as possible. Also, they must brake gently when needed to help the towing vehicle slow when necessary.  

With these tips, you can safely tow your broken-down car home without the need for a tow truck. However, if you're uncomfortable doing it yourself or don't have the tools needed, you can call a local tow service to help you get your car where it needs to go.