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4 Important Documents You Should Get From Your Moving Company

Are you moving houses or crossing the border to another state? Whatever the case maybe, the most tedious job in the moving calendar is packing of household items in readiness for the move. The fact that the task is so repetitive and stretched out for days, weeks, or even months makes it so tiring. This is why many people prefer hiring a moving company to take care of the whole process. While this may sound relieving, there are important documents that you should always keep your eye on and read the fine print so that nothing escapes your attention. Four of these documents include:

The Moving Estimate Usually, the moving company you plan to hire does an in-house survey through their representative to establish the items to be moved and the approximate cost to be charged. After the survey, they put together documentation stating the type of estimate whether it is binding or non-binding, the final calculated amount, what kind of moving trucks are needed, any additional services requested, and the charges for each extra service rendered.

The Order of Service After analysing the quoted price and doing cross comparisons, you can then contact the moving company with the most competitive quote informing them of your decision to hire their services. In response, they will send you an order of service which in essence is the moving contract between you and the company. This document has the pick-up date, the estimated date of delivery, the calculated price, possible insurance options, cancellation policy, and the type of vehicle they will be using. Again, read the document carefully before signing in agreement.

Bill of Lading This is the most essential document and is prepared based on the order of service document. The moving company will give it to you on the moving day and you must sign it before the moving process can begin. Since what appears on the bill of lading is derived from the order of service, ensure that all the details are correct and match those on the order of service.

Home Inventory Sheet This plays an important role both on the move-out and on the move-in day. It contains all the household items the moving company will transport for you. When each item is moved out of your home, it will be marked against this document and the same process will be repeated when offloading the items at the destination from the moving truck. Any damages or mishandled items at the point and time of arrival must be indicated so that you can use the information to file a complaint or make a claim.