Follow These Three Guidelines When Sandblasting a Car to Remove Paint

Sandblasting is one of the most effective techniques used to remove paint from almost all types of surfaces. The beauty of using sandblasting, as opposed to other paint stripping mechanisms, is that the blaster removes paint, rust, primer and everything else, leaving the car clean and ready for new autobody work. However, to enjoy the beauty of this cleaning process, you need to understand how the sandblasting tool works and make sure that its settings are correct and the process is correctly carried out.

3 Ideal Gifts For A First-Time Car Owner

Owning your first car is an important milestone in a young person's life. It marks a coming of age and the beginning of an independent adult life. If a young person in your life has just become the owner of their very first car, then you may want to surprise them with an auto-themed gift to mark the celebration. Here are three ideas for gifts that are practical and perfect for a first-time car owner.