Preparation Guide for Taking a Truck Driver's Exam

Other than a decent salary, truck driving is fun because you get a chance to travel through different cities and towns. However, before can you become one, you must pass your exams. Passing a truck driver's exam can be a bit tricky without proper preparation. Notably, one of the many reasons why people fail the exam is the lack of awareness of prerequisite requirements. This article addresses the gap by providing insight on the preparation stage of a truck driver's exam. [Read More]

5 Strategies for Lowering Fuel Costs When You Rent a Car

If you rent a vehicle, you have to pay for petrol. Want to lower your petrol costs as much as possible? Try these solutions: 1. Book a Fuel Efficient Vehicle When arranging your hire car, make sure to look for a car for rent that boasts high fuel efficiency standards. Book the smallest vehicle you can for your party, and see if the company offers any hybrids. Stay away from electric cars unless you're going somewhere that you know has easy access to charging stations; instead, opt for a vehicle that works with both a battery and petrol. [Read More]

Car Replacement Parts: When You Should or Shouldn't Buy OEM Parts

Has your car broken down and you are now wondering about the best kind of replacement parts that you should buy? Read on and discover some situations under which the most prudent approach to take is going with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. You will also learn when it may not be necessary for you to buy those OEM parts. When OEMs Are the Best Choice Crash repairs. It is usually advisable for you to insist on using OEM parts as your car is undergoing body repairs after a crash. [Read More]

How to Prepare for a 4WDing Trip to the Australian Outback

Australia's Outback offers the perfect landscapes for you to go on an off-roading adventure. If you need to hire a vehicle for your off-roading trip to the Outback, 4x4s are a perfect choice. 4WDs are specifically built to endure the extremes of driving in the Outback. But simply hiring the most appropriate vehicle does not necessarily guarantee a pleasant experience off-roading in these arid, remote lands of Australia — proper preparation is also key. [Read More]